Here I am in my fifties, having the time of my life, making things, raising my family, loving my girlfriend. I guess you could say I am realizing my dreams, right here and now. This is heaven, this world I am in right now.

I have spent most of my life in upstate New York, a few miles from the banks of the glorious Hudson River. I am still here, working out of my little shop, in the middle of my little village. I feel a part of my community, akin to the village blacksmith in the old days.

I make a lot of things to help people make their living; I repair tools; I invent things when my customers need something but can’t describe it. I design and build black powder rifles, jewelry, and a whole list of assorted objects. Working with my hands and heart is what I love the best.

Thanks for looking at my site.

Regards, Tom