The gun is at the point where all the woodwork is done, except for final finish. The hardware, ie: the brass and steel fittings are now in the process of decoration. This piece is called the side plate, and its main function is to provide support for the screws, which are used to retain the lock, or firing mechanism. On a simple gun, there might be washers instead of a plate. This style of rifle, a fancy jaeger, calls for decoration on every available surface, to the point of CREATING surfaces upon which decoration can be put!


The storyline behind this rifle is the relationship between Pan and Diana. While it is myth, I feel it mirrors the saga of our own humanity.  I believe that the Greeks and Romans used myth to try to understand our selves and to explain the mysteries of life in story form.


This engraving is made with very fine lines to create an image . More lines create shadow, and fewer lines, or no lines make for highlights. Distance is implied by finer lines, a haze, and scaling down objects. For me, this was a difficult challenge, as  the cut line presents many challenges. Line weight is extremely critical for placing objects in the foreground or background, for it would not look right for a distant object to be cut with heavy lines. It is very easy to have the mind drift, and the fingers slip