dsc_8713I know I spent a lot of time and all on this engraving, inlay, and polishing, but the most telling and magical moment is when the barrel goes from straw to purple, to blue, as the temperature slowly rises. Then you see the steel change color right before your eyes. I was so unprepared for this change, that I almost overheated the steel, totally mesmerized by the colors.

I believe there are other forces at work here, forces beyond my own being that bring this kind of work out. I can feel these vibrations walking through the halls of the Metropolitan……millions of man hours, fingers working the metals, the clays , fibers…..thousands of men, their names and faces long forgotten, but their spirit lives on through the object.

Was it that this object needed me to be here to come into existence,  was it waiting for hundreds of years to appear, is some greater force at work, am I being channeled, plodding through the days of my life, churning out the goods……. and like magic, this appears before my eyes? Many thoughts run through my head at times like this. Maybe some will think I’m nuts, but I believe that most people who work with their hands will understand what I am talking about.


Many have asked if I did the blue over the fire. This was my original intention, but I had to re-do it, and I got the willies about scrubbing the barrel over the bricks again. All it would take is one touch against the brick, and the barrel is scratched. So I used a torch, and with a soft flame, teased the temperature up through the colors.