I never imagined how breathtaking this would look in my mind’s eye. I’d seen original guns with this technique of gold inlaid into steel, I’ve seen pictures a-plenty of original and contemporary works, but to see this transformation taking place before my very eyes, I am at a loss to describe my feelings. oh, my, oh, my, I am at a loss for words. I know I made this hapen, I know I inlaid the gold, cut all the lines, undercut all the lines, conceived the artwork, drew and drew and dreamed and planned for hours on end, but all of that did little to prepare me for this transformation of the bright steel to blue, and the contrast with the gold. Oh, my. Something extraordinary happened. Beyond my scope of understanding; yet, there it is. There is the object of my dreams, appearing before me, and the shock is beyond belief. It is like I do not recognize my own child.

I must also give thanks to those who have helped me along the way. One such person, Jerry Huddleston,  contacted me several years ago and said “Tom, you really need to learn how to engrave properly.” Jerry offered to teach me the basics of sharpening and engraving, plus some precious metal inlay. As important as the lessons were from Jerry, the most valuable lesson I learned was: Jerry saw something in me that I did not really see in myself. He believed enough in me to teach me what took him a lifetime to learn.

dsc_8672The breech section, a close up view.


This is the muzzle, repolished and re-blued.