I am posting these pictures, even though much of this work has been done for a while. It’s mostly for me to look at the while project, step back, and take inventory of what’s done, and what still needs doing. I often don’t really look at my own work critically until I’ve posted the pictures. Why that is, I don’t know, but putting my work on the web helps me to look at my work with new eyes.

So far, I’ve posted only detail shots, and I thought it was about time to post a full length shot. I must take note that I still need to make a ramrod.

This is a view of the lock area and the wrist carving. Click on it for a bigger view. The tang will be casehardened and polished up bright, and the barrel will be blued. That goes on my ‘to do’ list.

The lock, as you may notice, is still unfinished, top jaw and screw need to be installed. The lockplate itself needs to be polished and engraved, design yet to be determined. I don’t work from plans, but I use a lot of reference material, then make a composite of original work and my own ideas. Note the ‘cameo’ carving around the wrist, where the wrist, or grip, seems to slip under the buttstock. That’s fun stuff.

Here is a view of the ‘behind the cheekpiece’ carving. This is one of my favorite areas on a gun. It’s almost like guns were invented to have a little spot like this to carve. This design is based on an American gun, but taken back fifty years to Germany.You can also get a hint of the toeplate under the lower edge of the stock.

Ahh, this is another view of the breech and tang area, with the barrel engraving showing. This engraving is to be filled with gold and silver wire, then the barrel will be blued. Add that to the list, please.

A view of the buttplate and its extension. All up and around the heel of the buttplate will be engraved in the baroque manner, as best I understand it, anyway. I have been studying the Baroque and Rococo art and architecture for years, and I feel like I am just starting to scratch the surface. The cheekpiece inlay shows rather well in this shot. Yummy.